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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Arizona

The Arizona Dispensary is dedicated to listing all the best dispensaries in the State of Arizona. The State of Arizona has legalized medical marijuana under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and has voted to allow the use of cannabinoids to help with afflictions of those with which include cancer, glaucoma, HIV/ AIDS, hepatitis C and Alzheimer’s disease. There are many other ailments that are able to be treated with marijuana, and more can be added to the list after going through the public petition process. With these new laws in place, our website aims to bring you a list of the medical dispensaries in Arizona that are in your area of the Valley.

It is important that you find a dispensary that is perfectly suited for your needs, and we would like to help you in your venture for the best caregivers. A total of 124 dispensaries are permitted for operation in Arizona, with more dispensaries being located in popular cities such as Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa. This can create quite a lot of confusion for a first-time patient looking for high quality medicine from trusted caregivers. That is why we plan on breaking down the dispensaries from the bottom-up and giving you honest and accurate reviews so you can make an informed decision before choosing your next dispensary.

Can’t make it into an authorized dispensary? If you’re a registered medical marijuana patient in Arizona & live over 25 miles from a state-sanctioned dispensary, you or your caregiver are legally allowed to grow up to twelve plants in a fully enclosed, locked area.