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Archive for June 2012

Gone are the days of simply smoking marijuana to get high. Botanists and growers have perfected the science behind “medical grade” cannabis and the body of evidence to support it is growing. Simply put: this ain’t your mama’s weed.

Glaucoma is an eye disability that affects people primarily in their senior years (ages 50 and older). Glaucoma is a chronic disease stemming from a phenomenon known as IOP, or intraocular pressure. The disease is marked by symptoms such as fuzzy and decreased vision, and blindness in severe and advanced cases.

The Glaucoma Research Foundation asserts that there is no evidence that medical marijuana can do better for glaucoma patients than commonly prescribed drugs that are already (legally) on the market nationwide. However, in the next breath, they also admit that no marijuana treatment studies for glaucoma have been performed by the National Eye Institute.

Marinol, a federally-approved synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol, is not indicated for glaucoma. Anecdotal evidence shows that, of course, medical marijuana treatments will relieve the anxiety that may surround some patients suffering from this eye disease. If you do choose cannabis as your primary or secondary therapy, others have recommended using high quality, highly concentrated forms of the drug for best results.