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Archive for April 2017

Monthly 420 Subscription Box

You’ve all seen the trends — monthly deliveries of razors, dog toys, candy and more. Subscription boxes are all the rage these days and it’s easy to see why. We’ve recently come across one of our favorite subscription services and you can probably guess what it might be. That’s right — a monthly subscription smoker box from a company called Hippie Butler.

Meet the Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler sends a collection of smoking gear and accessories to you every month. The thing that sets Hippie Butler apart from the rest of the 420 subscription boxes is the ability to customize your box. Much like Trunk Club or Ipsy, users are presented with a series of questions during sign-up related to their smoking preferences. Do you like papers or wraps? Do you like flavored or non-flavored papers? How about flower or concentrates? All of these questions will help tailor one of the 3 tiers of smoker boxes that are offered by Hippie Butler.

420 Subscription Boxes by Hippie Butler

Different Smoker Subscription Boxes

Currently, the 3 boxes are priced at $11.99, $32.99 and $139.99 a month. The Rollers Club is the lowest priced box, perfect for smokers who roll up papers and wraps most often. For those looking for a bit more variety, the next step up is the Butler Box which provides other smoking accessories like grinders, rolling trays, pipes and more. For the big time smokers (or if you are looking for a comprehensive setup), Hippie Butler offers a premium subscription box called the Masters Club box ($139.99/mo). You can choose the Flower or Concentrate version of this box and it comes with higher prices items like bongs, oil rigs, Phoenician grinders and more.

Save Some Money on Us

We reached out to the guys at Hippie Butler to be able to offer our readers a little discount. Be sure to use the code 420 during checkout to receive 20% off your first box!