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Foria, Marijuana-Infused Lube

We know what you’re thinking– it’s too good to be true! Well hold tight fellow tokers, we’ve got the skinny on one of the hottest products on the market. There has yet to be a sex lube infused with marijuana made for women’s pleasure, but hold the phone and enter entrepreneur Mathew Gerson.

Marijuana-Infused Sex Lubricant

Gerson created an invigorating and intoxicating sex lube that is a delightful mixture of coconut oil and cannabis. This enticing product was named Foria, perhaps in reference to the “euphoria” it is designed to create. Not only is it an excellent lubricant, it is designed to increase the couple’s overall sexual experience–especially on the ladies’ end.

Gerson put extensive time and money into testing his product, and ultimately discovered a broad range of responses to the lubricant. He concluded in independent testing that women have experienced intensified sensations including swelling of the clitoris, tingling, and heat around their sweet spots. The FDA has not performed any research on the insertion of marijuana-infused oils into the vagina, so Gerson’s research is unique and the start of something awesome!

Independent tests run by Gerson’s team of professionals with the Foria lubricant have reported women having a “sense of embodiment, a sense of dropping into a more full relationship to sexual sensations, and sensations around the body”. It’s safe to say that women who experience orgasm during sex can expect to have an intensified experience.

Gerson set out to create an “ode to women” and his research proved that marijuana has been used to increase sexual appetite throughout the ages. It is after all, a medical aphrodisiac that improves libido. He wanted to create a product that was enticing to women and benefited them in all the right ways. By golly, we think he hit the mark!

Sex Lube Used as Medical Marijuana

While Foria may not get the user high by exclusive use down south, it is edible and performs with the same level of intensity as other potent marijuana edibles. At a pricey $88 for a 1oz bottle, you can experience all the promises Foria has to offer! Yeah, it’s a little high– but how do you put a price on an edible marijuana infused sex oil?!

It should be noted that Foria is marketed as medical marijuana, so it is only sold to patients over the age of 18 with a medical marijuana recommendation from their medical provider.

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