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Advertising Opportunities

The Arizona Dispensary offers several unique advertising possibilities. We are the number one search result on Google  for many keywords. We have thousands of views a day from visitors and patients looking for information on local dispensaries and medical marijuana in Arizona. This website and SEO is done by Arizona’s Best SEO Company.

High-Quality Traffic

The traffic from these hits are high quality and are mainly from medical patients looking for a dispensary or clinic in their area. We offer many different advertisement packages that will allow patients to easily locate your dispensary and get in touch with you.

How it Works

Our advertising will ensure that your dispensary gets the proper recognition that it deserves. Each major city has an independent directory page with a list of all the marijuana dispensaries in that area. Premium listings will always appear at the top of the dispensary directory page for each city, providing you with hundreds of impressions every day. We also provide two advertising spots on the top of each city directory page where a square graphical advertisement is displayed.

Please contact us for full details about advertising rates and packages.