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Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary LicensingWell, friends, the moment we Arizonans have been waiting for has arrived! The State of Arizona has lifted its moratorium on licensing medical marijuana dispensaries. Patients are one step closer to getting the relief they crave…legally!

The Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services himself declared last week that the State will begin again accepting cannabis dispensary applications.

Jan Brewer, the current governor of Arizona, opted to proceed with caution after the voters approved a law legalizing the sale of medical cannabis, and after the Governor’s office received some very menacing statements from the federal Attorney General regarding the legalization and sale of marijuana (an illicit substance under the Federal Controlled Substances Act) within our state.

Then came the stalemate in federal court. For almost a year, the patients of Arizona have been waiting for the green light on the voter-approved medical marijuana program. Both the federal courts and the Attorney General of the United States have essentially ignored the concerns of the Governor and Arizona citizens, so Brewer has decided to comply with the wishes of us, the voters.

The Arizona Department of Health Services states on the Director’s Blog that it will resume the process of taking applications. They expect that the application process will require a few tweaks due to the passage of so much time. Dates and deadlines will most likely change, so stay tuned! The Director hopes to start accepting new applications as soon as the summer of 2012.

TheArizonaDispensary.com will do its best to keep you abreast of all the shifts coming to Arizona’s medical marijuana laws. We are very excited to hear some positive news!

If you would like to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, you can sign up to receive alerts from the Arizona Department of Health Services itself right here: http://www.azdhs.gov/socialmedia.htm

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