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What is a Hemp Wrap?

Hemp wraps are basically thin wraps made of hemp to be used for rolling legal smoking herbs into joints. They resemble blunt wraps in many ways, but they do not have nicotine and come in a variety of flavors. Some hemp wraps like High Hemp claim to contain CBD, while others do not claim to have CBD.  As of Oct, 2017, almost all hemp wraps are made in the Dominican Republic or Germany. Hemp wraps are intended to be used with legal smoking herbs and are not to be used with tobacco.  The FDA has strict rules regarding flavored rolling papers, blunt wraps, and tobacco wraps.

Hemp Wraps vs. Blunt Wraps

Many people smoke blunt wraps, Dutchmasters, and Backwoods with marijuana.  Hemp wraps have a similar look and feel to blunt wraps, but they don’t have the nasty nicotine aspect that blunt wraps have.  One might suppose that hemp wraps are potentially “better” for you because they are made of hemp and don’t contain nicotine. While it is arguable that smoking a product without nicotine is better for your health, there are risks associated with smoking hemp wraps and just about anything else.  So, don’t fall for it.

Hemp Wraps are Legal in All 50 States

Because hemp is regulated in the US, often people wonder if hemp wraps are legal to buy and sell in the US.  As of Oct 2017, all hemp wraps are legal to buy, sell, and use as long as they are not used with tobacco. Tobacco and flavored papers and wraps are highly regulated by the FDA.  In fact, by 2018 blunt wraps will be banned in California and Massachusetts. The other states will follow shortly thereafter.  If you’re a big fan of blunt wraps now, it might be time to make the switch to hemp wraps.

How Do You Use a Hemp Wrap?

Using a hemp wrap is pretty easy.  Most of them come in resealable ziplock packaging. Simply remove the hemp wrap from the packaging and roll it just like you would any other wrap or rolling paper.  Sometimes the glue doesn’t stick and some brands of hemp wraps require quite a bit of licking and sticking to get it rolled and ready.  Practice makes perfect. You can do it!

Most Popular Brands of Hemp Wraps

The most poplar brand of hemp wraps as of Oct, 2017 is High Hemp CBD+ wraps.  Following the High Hemp brand is a myriad of other brands vying for position in the marketplace.  Some of the most flavorful wraps we have tried are Juicy Jay’s, Kingpin, Cyclones (cones), Kong, Canna Wrap, HempARillo, Hemp Zone, and others.

Where to Find Reviews & Information on Hemp Wraps

There are quite a few reviews and informational pages already in the wild on hemp wraps.  You can google around for reviews. The best source for hemp wrap information is at Hempwraps.com.  They provide information, reviews, and where to buy hemp wraps online.

Monthly 420 Subscription Box

You’ve all seen the trends — monthly deliveries of razors, dog toys, candy and more. Subscription boxes are all the rage these days and it’s easy to see why. We’ve recently come across one of our favorite subscription services and you can probably guess what it might be. That’s right — a monthly subscription smoker box from a company called Hippie Butler.

Meet the Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler sends a collection of smoking gear and accessories to you every month. The thing that sets Hippie Butler apart from the rest of the 420 subscription boxes is the ability to customize your box. Much like Trunk Club or Ipsy, users are presented with a series of questions during sign-up related to their smoking preferences. Do you like papers or wraps? Do you like flavored or non-flavored papers? How about flower or concentrates? All of these questions will help tailor one of the 3 tiers of smoker boxes that are offered by Hippie Butler.

420 Subscription Boxes by Hippie Butler

Different Smoker Subscription Boxes

Currently, the 3 boxes are priced at $11.99, $32.99 and $139.99 a month. The Rollers Club is the lowest priced box, perfect for smokers who roll up papers and wraps most often. For those looking for a bit more variety, the next step up is the Butler Box which provides other smoking accessories like grinders, rolling trays, pipes and more. For the big time smokers (or if you are looking for a comprehensive setup), Hippie Butler offers a premium subscription box called the Masters Club box ($139.99/mo). You can choose the Flower or Concentrate version of this box and it comes with higher prices items like bongs, oil rigs, Phoenician grinders and more.

Save Some Money on Us

We reached out to the guys at Hippie Butler to be able to offer our readers a little discount. Be sure to use the code 420 during checkout to receive 20% off your first box!


Medical Marijuana Laws in Arizona

An interesting July 2nd ruling by Judge Richard Fields has everyone talking about the legality and moral implications for medical marijuana patients selling their marijuana to other patients. If the ruling stands, this particular decision has the potential to create many different opportunities for Arizonans to sell their marijuana legally.

The Case of the Medical Marijuana Patient Selling to Other Patients

In October, Jeremy Allen Matlock was indicted on three felony counts of growing and selling marijuana. Matlock was a licensed cardholder at the time of his indictment, and was cooperative with law enforcement. His public defender, Sarah Bullard, argued for dismissal of the case because Matlock had broken no laws by selling his marijuana.

The voter approved Arizona Medical Marijuana Act allows patients to sell marijuana to other patients because it states “a registered qualifying patient or registered designated caregiver is not subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner” for various marijuana related offenses. On the other hand, the AMMA gets vague in the next paragraph where it says: qualified Arizonans can’t be prosecuted “for offering or providing marijuana to a registered qualifying patient or a registered designated caregiver for the registered qualifying patient’s medical use or to a registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary if nothing of value is transferred in return and the person giving the marijuana does not knowingly cause the recipient to possess more than the allowable amount of marijuana.”

Whew, what a mouthful! The long sentence and lack of punctuation led to many different interpretations of the laws. Judge Field says the law could be taken two ways. The way the Pima County Attorney’s Office reads the law means patients and caregivers can’t sell/give their marijuana if anything or value is transferred, but Matlock and Bullard argued “nothing of value” pertains only to patients selling to dispensaries.

The Verdict for Patients Legally Selling Marijuana

Lucky for Matlock, Arizona has another law that states if the law can be interpreted in more than one way that the more lenient interpretation is awarded to the defendant. Judge Fields ruled that the law implies that medical marijuana patients are able to sell to other patients. Additionally, to obtain a conviction the state must prove not only was something of value transferred between the two parties, but that it ALSO knowingly caused the recipient to obtain more than the total allowed amount of marijuana. Without both of these, a conviction is difficult.
Judge Fields dismissed the entire case, on the grounds that law just wasn’t clear enough. Enjoy the vagueness while you can because after all this controversy, clarification is surely on the way.