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Cancer is a disease that can spread quickly throughout the body unless treatment is begun. The treatments for cancer can be extremely debilitating and cause many unwanted side effects.

Many activists of marijuana say that the plant has anti-bacterial properties and can inhibit tumor growth. Previously, marijuana was only useful in relieving nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. However, new technology and looser laws on the drug have allowed for more testing to be done and cannabinoids found in marijuana have been found to fill a primary role in cancer treatment and prevention.

Prescription “marijuana-pills” have been available for prescription since 1985 under the name Dronabinol. These pills contain a synthetic form of the active ingredient THC, one of the psychoactive elements found in marijuana. They are prescribed for the use of treating nausea and vomiting for AIDS and cancer patients. The medications do not contain all of the cannabinoids found in raw cannabis buds, which is why many patients prefer smoking or eating marijuana instead. Many patients find that medicating with pure THC causes slight paranoia, which is a common side-effect of THC. When marijuana is smoked, the user is effected by not only the THC, but 400 chemical compounds and at least 66 cannabinoids. This causes a very different effect when combined with THC than when ingesting pure THC with the prescription medication pills.

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