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Rolling Papers & Pre-Rolled Cones

Marijuana cigarettes are the most popular way for people to ingest their cannabis. Before glass pipes, vaporizers and extracts hit the marijuana market,  marijuana users had two methods of using their herbs; rolling up their marijuana in a paper to create a hand-rolled cigarette or by baking it to create edibles (marijuana-infused food that causes the same psychoactive effects as smoked cannabis upon ingesting). Rolling papers still remain king for many old-school smokers and newbies alike, and will continue to reign so long as people keep smoking!

Pre-rolled smoking cones are rolling papers that are pre-rolled in to a conical shape and have a paper filter / tip already installed. The cones are empty, so all you have to do is grind your marijuana and insert it into the cone. Almost every pre-rolled cone brand comes with a packing tool that will fit all the way down in to your cone so you can pack it evenly and quickly.

Dispensaries across America are switching to this method for providing patients with perfectly uniform marijuana cigarettes. It’s incredibly quick, easy and efficient; many dispensaries have cone filling machines that can fill hundreds of pre-rolled cones in minutes. Gaining popularity in the Netherlands, almost every coffee shop in Amsterdam can be found selling pre-rolled cones with marijuana and tobacco, also known as spliffs. The unique shape of the cigarette creates for an amazing smoke that starts off strong and finishes smooth.

If you’re looking to buy rolling papers or pre-rolled cones at a bulk discount or if you’re looking for general dispensary supplies, please the online store we think is best for dispensary supplies – www.RollingPaperDepot.com.

Growing & Hydroponics Supplies

Indoor growing supplies will be incredibly popular with patients who are legally allowed to cultivate their own marijuana plants. Technology is rapidly improving and new products & methods come out every day! That’s why it is important to stay informed and provide patients with valuable information that they can use to make the right purchase. From lights, fans & exhaust systems, filters, nutrients & additives, to cloning products, pots & containers, indoor greenhouses, books, videos and more! You can order in bulk and acquire heavy discounts!

Digital Scales

Digital scales are a wonderful accessory to have on stock at your dispensary. Patients enjoy having the power to know exactly what they are getting. Some even find it a necessity to accurately dose out their marijuana so they can manage it more easily. Pocket scales are very popular for personal users because they are portable and quite accurate. Most every digital scale used for marijuana will weigh to the tenth or hundredth of a gram (0.1g / 0.01g).  Discounts can be obtained for bulk ordering!