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Forms of Cannabis

Generally, when one thinks of marijuana they envision green nuggets with a foul odor. This is the unprocessed form of marijuana that is gathered from the female cannabis plant. This is the most popular form, containing from 3% to 22% THC; the male cannabis plant is used to produce hemp and contains very low levels of THC, making it not very useful for recreational usage. There are four other forms of processed marijuana that are becoming incredibly popular with the introduction of the medical marijuana scene lately.

First up is known as hash or hashish, and is one of the most popular forms of processed marijuana. Hash is a concentrated block of resin that comes from the flowers of female cannabis plants. Hashish is almost always more potent than unprocessed marijuana buds and can be smoked, vaporized or eaten. The blocks of hash vary in color, ranging from black to golden brown. The color of the hashish is highly dependant on the purity of the hash. It is generally much more expensive than unprocess marijuana because of how potent it is. You can sprinkle bit of hash on top of marijuana cigarettes or pipes to add an extra kick to any smoke.

Up next is Kief (also known as Kif, Keef or Keif), a powdery substance that is rich in trichomes (which contains the psychoactive effects of the marijuana plant) and is very potent. Kief is collected by sifting or filtering the small trichomes from marijuana leaves and flowers. The marijuana is generally placed in a box or tin that contains a very fine mesh or wire screen and is then shaken to allow the kief to fall through to a seperate compartment. Once the kief is seperated, it can be sprinkled on any bowl or cigarette to spice it up. It can also be compressed to produce hashish. Kief is also more expensive than unprocessed marijuana buds because of it is a super concentrated form, meaning you need to consume less of it to acheive the same effects as unprocessed marijuana.

A third prepared form of marijuana is hash oil (also known as butane honey oil). Though less popular than the previous, hash oil is definitely one of the most potent forms of cannabis available. Containing a percentage of cannabinoids ranging from 40% to 90%, hash oil is created by extracting resins and essentials oils from female cannabis plants with the use of solvents. Because of its liquid form, hash oil is commonly used in cooking with cannabis. Hash oil can also be smoked or vaporized.

Finally, you have the least popular and glamourous form of cannabis — residue. Resin buildup can be found on almost any used smoking utensils for marijuana because of THC’s adhesive properties. After smoking, a sticky residue builds up in these pieces that has tar-like properties and a foul odor. This resin still contains THC as well as many other cannabinoids, meaning you can actually smoke the resin and achieve psychoactive effects. This form of cannabis is used commonly by smokers who have run out of “fresh” marijuana and have only dirty smoking utensils coated with resin left over. This resin can be collected and smoked, though nasty in taste, and still provide the normal effects of marijuana.

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