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H.B. 2585 To Endanger Arizona Medical Marijuana Patient Confidentiality

Following local news regarding H.B. 2585 we received this note written originally by Noah Mamber, Legislative Analyst at the Marijuana Policy Project.

Apparently H.B. 2585 has passed in the House and will be going to Senate committee hearing Monday. We were watching this bill on March 3, 2011 and unfortunately in this morning’s mail found out that indeed H.B. 2585 has cleared in the House by a vote of 51 yays and 6 nays. That will send H.B. 2585 to the Senate Judiciary Committee this Monday, March 7 at 2 p.m. in SHR1. In essence this bill directly opposes the confidentiality clause in Prop 203 and adds medical marijuana to the controlled substances prescription monitoring program, which has a data base monitored by many different groups.

We ask that those interested in the confidentiality aspect of medical marijuana contact your senator and request that he/she vote “No” to H.B. 2585. Again, the meeting is scheduled for this Monday, March 7 at 2 p.m.in SHR 1. You may e-mail Nmamber@mpp.org if you would like to testify. It would be beneficial to the cause if you (or a family member) are a seriously ill patient and could testify both how medical marijuana is beneficial to you and also that you believe the original intent of Prop 203 was that its use was to be strictly confidential.

This bill (which is in opposition to the confidentiality aspect of MM), was brought to you by: Representative Amanda A. Reeve, Representative Cecil P. Ash, Representative Chad Campbell, Representative Debbie McCune Davis, Representative Eric Meyer, Representative Kimberly Yee, Representative Matt Heinz and Representative Russ Jones. If you are a constituent of these representatives, we especially encourage you to voice your opinion. It is not in the spirit of the original Prop which the voters have passed to connect medical marijuana with the provisions of the laws of controlled substances and that database. By including medical marijuana in a database of these users, the intent of keeping medical marijuana use confidential is diluted and the resultant effect is more government control.

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