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Getting Medical Marijuana in Arizona

So, you’ve been suffering for a while now from pain and disorders ranging from migraines to epilepsy, arthritis to cancer.  You can soon get relief!  Every state has different laws governing the use of medical marijuana, and Arizona in particular is new to the scene.  It can be tricky navigating all the rules and regulations.  We in no way offer the contents of this article as bona fide legal advice, and we whole-heartedly recommend you consult with an experienced attorney should any questions or concerns arise.

You may have heard of a moratorium on licensing patients and dispensaries by the State of Arizona.  At this time, the State is still issuing medical cards to patients.

Talk to Your Health Care Provider

First, you will need to have a very open and honest conversation with your licensed, qualified health care provider (preferably your primary care physician).  Hopefully you and your doctor have a professional relationship based on trust, and perhaps he or she has already broached the subject of integrating medical cannabis into the treatment regimen for your specific ailment.

If your primary provider is not willing to recommend medical marijuana to you, we suggest going to a Medical Marijuana Certification Center. These clinics specialize in medical marijuana recommendations. Patients find the most success rate receiving their marijuana recommendation from these types of places, rather than through a general health care provider.

The Next Step

Your doctor’s office will need a valid state identification card or driver’s license to prove your age and that you are a resident of Arizona in order to issue a recommendation for medicinal cannabis treatment.  If you are under 18, a waiver signed by your legal guardian is also required.  Bring any prior medical records that may be pertinent to your illness.

The staff at your physician’s office should give you a packet to mail to the State along with your prescription.  They will also be able to give you full instructions for completing the packet and can answer any questions you might have.

Obtaining Your Medical Marijuana

Once you receive state-issued documentation you will need to choose a legal, permitted apothecary.  You, your physician, and the experts at your chosen medical marijuana dispensary should discuss and determine the appropriate strain to aid in your recovery.  Things like THC and CBD content (and other life-supporting cannabinoids) should be discussed as they relate to your condition.  There are a myriad of various strains that can overwhelm patients.  Be sure you have the correct information.  Seek a second opinion to set your mind at ease.

Feel free to experiment with various strains and delivery methods (edibles, tinctures, vapor, smoke, etc) and seek professional advice.  Be sure you carry your marijuana patient identification card at all times.  Once you settle into a routine, enjoy your newfound feeling of health!  Happy Healing!

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