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Phoenix City Council Approves Zoning Guidelines

Last week, the Phoenix City Council approved zoning guidelines that will ultimately govern where different types of marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to operate within the city. Elaborating on the current rules allowing for only 1 marijuana dispensary to every 10 pharmacies which will allow for about 120 dispensaries, the guidelines lay down a comforting set of restrictions on the dispensaries that will keep the state from being overrun with these facilities.

The guidelines suggest that no dispensary can operate outside a commercially zoned property and must be at least 250 feet away from residential areas; 1,320 feet from schools, parks and public community centers; and 500 feet from houses of worship. At least one mile must be between two marijuana dispensaries. Drive-thru services are not permitted and operating hours would be limited to 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Dispensaries are required to grow their own marijuana or  acquire it from another licensed dispensary. Marijuana growing facilities  for these dispensaries would be confined to areas specifically zoned for agricultural uses, which a 1,000 foot distance requirement from residential areas. These growing facilities would require a permit from the city.

With state fees to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona sitting around $5,000, the facilities will be operated by those who have lived in the state for at least two years. Physicians would oversee each dispensary, providing medical information on the drug as well as safe usage guidelines. Dispensaries selling both marijuana and marijuana-edibles (food infused with marijuana) will be subject to state inspection.

These guidelines provide some comfort for those worrying about the outcome of this Proposition. It should keep the stream of new dispensaries from overtaking everything else.

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