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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forming Special Unit to Target Medical Marijuana

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is working on setting up a special unit to target those individuals looking to use Arizona’s new medical marijuana laws to profit from the illegal sale of the drug. Many believe the introduction of the Medical Marijuana Act in Arizona will loosen the reigns on Arizona’s law enforcement towards the issue — however, the reality is just the opposite. The medical marijuana program will greatly improve the ability to acquire high-grade marijuana, making it an enticing vision for dope-dealers looking to turn a nice profit from selling it to unlicensed patients.

Sheriff Joe has other plans for these people, saying he wants to be prepared for criminals who think the voter-approved law will give them cover to deal marijuana with no recourse. The  new abundance of marijuana that will legally be allowed to be cultivated and dispensed to licensed patients does not give people the right or safety to go around the system to grow, sell or acquire their own marijuana.

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